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Rent Bay Real Estate UpdateOwners of investment properties want three things from their Property Manager:

–          Good tenant and rent paid on time

–          Property well maintained throughout the tenancy

–          An increase in the property’s value over time

A good property manager can assist with all of these aims and, at Sandhurst Residential Leasing, these factors are fundamental to our Property Management service.

When property owners come to consider the leasing of an investment property there is always a focus on the fees they will be charged, yet little consideration is given to the skills and track record of the Property Management team that will take responsibility for the property.

Fees are an important factor but property owners need to ask “what am I getting for the fees I am paying”. Too often the owner who is attracted by low fees will get an inexperienced Property Manager with little interest in their property.

There are three critical elements in the management of a property:

  1. Tenant selection – Our aim is to generate sufficient interest in your property, that we have a choice of tenants. We have a far wider reach to attract potential tenants than other agents and a strong association with Relocation Companies who are responsible for most interstate and overseas relocations.
  2. Thorough Condition Report including comprehensive photographs – Our condition reporting process is very thorough and minimizes any issues at the end of the tenancy. We photograph every aspect of the property so that we have a very accurate record of the condition prior to occupancy.
  3. Routine maintenance and inspections – Your property will be regularly checked and maintenance attended to as a matter of priority. Often, attending to small maintenance issues when they arise can save much more expensive repairs later on.

In summary, we really work for our landlords !

Those landlords who would like a better understanding of how our Property Management Service operates, and how we are different from most agents, please call Sandhurst Residential Leasing on +61 3 8787 9000 or email reception@sandhurstresidential.com

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