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Water rush in Wyndham

WyndhamMELBOURNE’S reputation for unpredictable weather patterns has been upheld by Wyndham over the past few weeks.
Wyndham SES Controller Laurie Russell said while the sit¬uation was not as bad as residents may have feared, it was still a busy time for his team members.
Mr Russell said the Wyndham SES had received over 40 call¬outs on 15 and 16 January, including two cases where resi¬dent’s roofs caved in.
“There was certainly a lot of water around,” Mr Russell said.
“But our time was more taken up by reassuring the community that we weren’t in a Brisbane sit¬uation.”
Mr Russell said while resi¬dents will have noticed the rising Werribee River, there was never any reason for real concern.
“42,000 megalitres of water came down the river and while that sounds like a lot, we need between 70 and 80,000 before we start to have trouble,” he said.
Mr Russell said people living in newly built housing estates were shocked by the amount of water in the area.
“We had calls about Lollypop Creek in Wyndham Vale being full of water,” he said.
“But that’s a natural water course and the new residents wouldn’t have seen that before because it’s been dry for 10 or 15 years.”
Prime Minister Julia Gillard congratulated Wyndham’s SES crews and encouraged residents to dig deep for those in northern Victoria and Queensland.
“The West has always been a close-knit region with a strong sense of community and I know that local residents will be thinking of their neighbours, their fellow Victorians and those grappling with the devastating flooding in Queensland,” Ms Gillard said.
Four crew members from Wyndham have travelled to the Victorian flood zones while others were required to move animals from the Werribee Zoo to higher ground.

Story by Xavier Smerdon www.starnewsgroup.com.au

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