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Wayne SwanWayne Swan’s fourth budget includes a move to sharpen up workers’ skills and pushing those on welfare into the workforce.

The government will spend 233 million dollars on the long-term unemployed and introduce strict new work tests for the disability support pension and force teen parents back to work.

Some single parents face having their payments cut by 56 dollars a week and some unemployed 21-year-olds will loose 43 a week being moved off the New Start Allowance and onto the lower Youth Allowance payment.

The budget contains cuts to the tax rates of 50-thousand single parents by up to 20 cents in the dollar and will phase out the Dependent Spouse Tax Offset beginning with partners under 40 plus an additional Low Income Tax Offset of 300 dollar a year.

The government will increase Family Tax Benefit Part A for older teenagers by up to 161 dollars a fortnight and make payment advances of up to one-thousand dollars for Family Tax Benefit Part A recipients to meet unexpected family expenses.

But it’s extending the freeze on the higher income limits for family payments for two more years to save 1.2 billion dollars.

There will also be an additional payment of 500 dollars a fortnight for former prisoners of war from World War Two and Korea

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