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Winter window dressing

french doors

Winter may be all about adding accessories to create a sense of comfort and warmth, but there is an exception: windows. While a thick curtain or drape can insulate against plunging temperatures, heavy fabric also prohibits precious daylight from entering your home, potentially making rooms seem dark, or worse, dingy.

When it comes to dressing your mullion windows or French doors for the cooler months, a good principle is to use only what you need for privacy. If you have glass doors at the front of the home, for example, you will want something to stop passers-by watching as you prepare dinner. Consider a semi-sheer curtain that can be tied back, or reflective blinds, which appear opaque from outside, but are near invisible from inside.

Plantation shutters – a slightly more expensive option – look great from both inside and outside the house. Perhaps one of the most popular trends at the moment is to create layers around your windows. Think about using a sheer curtain for privacy while “framing” the window with more luxurious curtains made from silk or organza in rich colours that gently drape to the floor.

If the back or side windows are hidden behind the fence, however, consider leaving them bare. Not only will your home capture the winter light, you will be able to admire the changing colours of the season as you go about your business.

The good news is that many custom-made window furnishing suppliers offer great discounts at this time of year. You will always save more if you can buy curtains “off the rack”, but these are usually restricted to certain dimensions.

Our team at Sandhurst Residential are happy to view your property with you and provide our “presentation for sale” recommendations.

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