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The Home Wine Cellar

a beautiful wine cellar with a number of bottles

In Australia we enjoy our wine – in moderation of course! Few homes, however, boast specialist wine cellars. They still rank well below home theatres and games rooms as luxury home add-ons.

Poor storage, especially in our fluctuating climate, can ruin potentially good wines and, if you are a serious collector, the rack in the corner of the living room or in the garage just won’t do.

The combination of cost and poor knowledge of wine storage requirements is possibly why the majority of households do not have a dedicated cellar. They are quite expensive to build, particularly within Sandhurst and Sandarra where most homes are constructed on concrete slabs, but how else do you protect your pricey bottles of quality wine.

The best options are either wine cabinets and fridges or offsite storage.

Wine fridges have come a long way in recent years and we see more homes with an upright wine cabinet about the same size as a single door fridge which can hold up to 100 bottles. The glass door allows you to keep an eye on your favorites.

Some wine fridges have several temperature settings so you can story different wines at different temperatures in the same cabinet.

Off site storage is also becoming a big business. Just like other household storage you deliver your bottles to a specialist wine storage company who guarantee to store your wine safely and at the temperature you select until you are ready do drink it.

So if you are a wine enthusiast considering how to best protect your special wines, consider one of these options.

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