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PPG_Blog_March_image 6_architectIn today’s busy times it seems easiest to just visit Display Homes and select your preferred home. Yet designing and building a new home without the expertise of an architect may save you time and money up front, but can also be considered false economy.

Whether you are building in precincts like Sandhurst where there is a design approval process or most other suburbs where you don’t have to submit your house plans for approval, the issue of Architect vs Builder will arise.

The big display builders offer a wide range of homes and often you can select the home that suits your family and your budget without having the hassle of starting the design process from scratch.

The process of building involves a major expense so it makes sense to work with someone who has the technical skill, knowledge and experience to ensure your vision is realised. Architects are great at thinking laterally and they usually come up with a model to give their client something a little more creative with greater options and opportunities. For example, greener more sustainable homes are not only highly desirable, but some aspects of a home’s design must meet certain criteria before being issued with a certificate of occupancy. A good architect can incorporate these concepts, save their client running costs, and still maintain the buildings overall appeal. It’s extremely difficult to do all of these things without a professional’s help.

The other factor to consider is when you come to sell your home, will you have something individual and special or just a standard display ‘model’ that you find in every street ?

The general consensus among real estate experts is that architects pay for themselves over time. They save their clients money over time and give them a more original creation. They are also great at advising on materials, positioning and how the home will run in 10 or 20 years. Their fees vary so it’s advisable to speak to several firms before making a decision. Even better, try to obtain a recommendation from a friend whose style of home you really admire.

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