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There aren’t many substantial alterations a tenant can make without written permission from the landlord. There are, however, numerous cosmetic decorating projects for tenants to consider. The following suggestions are quick to complete, inexpensive and allow tenants to reflect their own sense of style.

* Changing light shades – this small change can have maximum impact. Asian importers usually stock a wide range of rice-paper options. Alternatively, try raiding op shops or visit lighting stores for affordable choices. Make sure you keep the old shades to put back when you leave the property.

* Inexpensive floor rugs add an instant hit of colour to a room and can hide old or ugly carpet. Ikea and Freedom stock loads of funky designs.

* Screens are brilliant when you’re renting – they divide a room, create office nooks or even form emergency guest rooms. The real beauty is they fold away when not needed.

* If you’re unfortunate enough to become the custodian of some dingy and unsightly window coverings, why not remove them altogether and let the light flood in? Or if privacy is an issue, or you prefer to control the amount of light entering a room, consider carefully storing the existing curtains and replacing them with a simple roman or venetian blind. Both are available from homeware and specialty stores in a range of standard sizes. They might even be re-useable in your next property.

* Storage – Try a ladder against the wall. Great in a bathroom for hanging towels or even in the living room for throws and baskets hung up with butchers’ hooks.

* Pot plants are a colourful way to add immediate interest to a balcony, courtyard or front porch. This kind of decorating can also easily be transported to your next rental property.

The ideas don’t stop here. A leisurely wander through Bunnings or Ikea can provide endless inspiration. As will a quick search online.

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