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It’s no secret that electricity prices increased from July 1 with the introduction of the federal government’s carbon tax. The Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Incentive Program is aimed at helping households reduce their energy output and thus stay on top of unwanted price rises. Discounts and special offers are available on selected energy saving products and appliances from participating businesses. The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the bigger your potential incentive.

One of the more appealing energy saving products around these days is the standby power controller. It’s a plug (looks similar to a standard double adapter) which conserves all wasted power by automatically switching off equipment such as televisions, game consoles, computers and printers that are not in use and back on when needed. The devise also detects and eliminates power consumed by electrical equipment that has been left on standby. Manufacturers of these power controllers claim that their product can save households up to $140 per year off their electricity bill.

Free installation of up to four free switches is currently being offered to Victorian residents. It’s an offer worth considering as there is no outlay to householders – so there’s nothing to lose.

There are many other products and services available to help you save energy with some included in the Energy Saver Incentive. For further information about the state government’s incentive visit their website at www.saveenergy.vic.gov.au

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