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Christmas Light Safety

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There’s a fabulous array of Christmas lights on sale at this time of the year, so it’s no surprise to see thousands of households across Australia glow in a stunning display of twinkling colour. But for some DIY decorators, the risk that these lights can pose when used inside and around the home is often overlooked.

Fairy lights and Christmas tree lights can easily been damaged in storage and this can put families at risk of fire or electrocution. It only takes a few minutes, but testing lights before putting them on the tree or house will decrease the chance of unnecessary heartache. Lights, cords and plugs that are damaged or frayed in any way should be thrown out immediately.

Leaving lights unattended for hours can also be a serious threat to life and property. Manufacturers suggest that every householder turn their Christmas lights off when they go to bed or leave the property for a significant period of time.

Overloading power boards is another significant hazard at this time of the year. Hundreds of house fires start because of faulty or overloaded power boards. The smart solution is to invest in a power board with an overload switch rather than loading up double adaptors.

When decorating outside your home it is important to only use lights designed for external use. Exposing internal lights to the elements is dangerous and can quickly become a serious fire hazard. And finally, indoors or outside, only use lights that have been tested for safety and conform to our own Australian safety standards.

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