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In previous years, ‘blue chip’ was recognised as property located within 10-15 kilometres of a capital city CBD. And in times past such real estate tended to outperform the middle and outer suburbs as well as Australia’s regional areas. Thus is was accepted advice that buying close to the centre of town ensured the best available capital growth whilst also receiving solid growing rental yields.

Whilst inner city property is still a desirable investment consistently delivering strong results, times have changed opening up other significant opportunities for investors. Technology continues to change the face of how we live and work meaning the choice about where we live is no longer underpinned by the need to live in city centres. Larger industry, for example, is now often choosing to decentralise to cheaper options in the suburbs and regional centres providing work and the need for housing outside our hubs. Opportunities in these areas over the last decade or so have seen astute investors already reap significant rewards.

So these days ‘blue chip’ really refers to any area with an excellent prognosis for future capital growth and rental yields. It could be located in a leady outer suburb or a country Victorian town. As long as investors do their research and keep a diversified portfolio the future outside our city centres also looks bright.

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