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Post Holiday Clean Up

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Ok, so you’ve survived the school holidays and the kids are now happily back in their classrooms. How is the state of your house? Looking like it needs a little tidy up and some overdue TLC? Chances are there are thousands of households across the city in need of a good post holiday clean up.

Following are a few tips on how to have your place looking ship-shape and organised in no time:

1. Steam clean carpets, rugs and couches – a professional team can whip around an entire home or apartment in just a few hours. Well worth the small investment on a yearly basis.

2. Bathrooms – pop on a pair of rubber gloves and get busy! Pay particular attention to the family bathroom. Unless your kids are from another planet, the bathroom they use most is likely to need a thorough scrub from top to bottom.

3. Organise toys – if storage options are limited try organising Lego, puzzles, books etc. into various sized plastic tubs (available at Bunning’s or storage retailers). Put away items the kids have used often over the holidays and bring them out again in a few months. Pass on any older items to charity organisations or friends.

4. Wash cushions, throws and beanbags – amazing how dirty grubby fingers can make these accessories! Remember to follow manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning.

5. Clear away the cobwebs – spiders thrive over summer and therefore so do their webs. Look up into the corner of your ceiling spaces and check out who’s been living there.

7. Undertake a general tidy up. The end of the kitchen bench is often a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff over the holidays. DVDs might also need sorting through and putting away as well as other electronic games and equipment.

8. Water the garden – you might have kept this up over the holidays but some may not have. It’s dry out there and your plants are probably very thirsty.

9. Sit back and enjoy the silence.

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