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With winter well and truly upon us we all like to feel warm as toast in our homes – but without the huge costs. This is possible with the right heating solution.

If you’re building a house from scratch, including adequate insulation, draught sealing and double-glazing will reduce your energy bills significantly from the outset. Positioning the main living areas on the north side of the dwelling will also take advantage of winter sun and reduce the overall need for artificial heating.

The two main heating options here in Australia are electric or gas. Electric heating is generally more costly to run than gas and produces more greenhouses emissions. However, it’s still a good choice for heating small areas or in parts of the country where gas is not readily available. Reverse-cycle air conditioners are the most cost-effective form of electric heating. They can heat anything from a single room to a whole house and can be switched to cooling mode over the summer.

Gas produces about three times the heat of electricity for similar running costs, and can cope effortlessly with large spaces. Gas-flued heaters will warm anything from a small room to a whole house. Ducted-gas central heating circulates warm air throughout your home via ceiling or floor vents. It offers powerful zoned heating. Gas fireplaces generate great heat and have variable flame control. Modern sleek designs are also becoming more readily available making them an excellent focal point for any living space. And finally, gas-boosted hydronic heating, where hot water is circulated through radiator panels is another home heating option growing in popularity. Set up costs are a larger strain on the hip pocket than most other solutions, but the ongoing costs to run hydronic heating are much less than traditional methods and make for a good long term investment.

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