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Modern interiors

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“On-trend” contemporary interiors still favour clean, neat layouts with simple, streamlined furniture in an architecture influenced modern Scandinavian design.

But Melbournians still like to add their own unique touches!

Whether you are undertaking a complete remodel a la The Block, or just updating the interior style of your current home, here are some basic tips:


Stick with a simple, neutral palette that will allow the objects in your home design to take centre stage. White walls are predominant in a modern home with all of the furnishings, accessories and fabrics also in neutral tone-on-tone color schemes. Let cushions, rugs and artwork deliver the splash of colour you like.


Modern design has always been about function over form. Absent are ornate details, extravagant rooms or intentional themes of symmetry. A focus on angular shapes using geometry is a more favoured approach.


Light streaming through soaring windows, cathedral ceilings or large open windows creates an artistic statement and immediately draws the eye to the interior architecture. Large undecorated windows open the interior to the exterior landscape. Often there is a natural connection between the immediate exterior living area and the interior design.


When selecting pieces for a modern room, keep things sleek and simple. Melbourne and regional city centres are rich in choices of industrial mod furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new – as long as they work together in a united statement.


When choosing two dimensional art and accessories in a modern interior, it is important to select pieces that make a loud statement. Make it fun. Also search for three-dimensional art with striking shapes that can be highlighted with spotlights for a strong visual impact. Think of your walls as an open, clean gallery space, and take special care in selecting where your art will be displayed.

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