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It’s important to recognise the role emotion plays in any property transaction. When preparing your house or apartment for sale, think about your buyers. They don’t just want a home. They are buying a dream – a lifestyle. It’s your job to quickly engage the buyers.

Make your purchasers envisage and believe what it would be like to read a book in your sunroom, cook a meal in your kitchen or curl up to sleep at night in your bedroom. Help paint a picture in their minds to allow them to become emotional about your property. If the buyer loves your place, your chances of getting a higher price can rise dramatically.

Remember that buyers will usually be visiting a number of properties on the same day, and yours will be in competition with others on the market at the same time.

So ensure your property stands out from the crowd on open day. You can do much more than simply make sure that the kitchen is clean and the beds are made. Have some soft music playing to create a relaxed atmosphere, brew some coffee to create an inviting aroma, and open curtains and windows to allow the sunshine in and fresh air to circulate.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! You need to give your all in displaying your property. It must clearly override all others, so that buyers don’t remember it merely by looking at the brochures or viewing it online – but instead have it etched in their minds. You want them to be talking about your property long after they leave it.

(Information for this article sourced from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.)

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