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Spending more time indoors over winter can force many households to reassess their current storage solutions. Following is a list of 10 clever ideas to save space and store items in a practical and stylish manner:

  1. Hooks in the entranceway for hanging coats and scarves. There’s a hook for every property type! From ultra-modern to French provincial.
  2. A purpose-built bookcase is ideal for a whole length of wall and will use all the space from floor to ceiling.
  3. Mount televisions on the wall using special wall bracket – especially in the bedroom where floor space may be restricted
  4. In the bathroom, space above the toilet cistern can be fitted with slim shelves to hold toiletries.
  5. Household items that may be stored for extended periods of time can go in unused spaces such as the roof cavity. (Some remodeling may be required to ensure items are stored securely and safely).
  6. An ottoman or footstool can double as a storage box in a busy living space or playroom.
  7. Keep magazines and newspapers in order with a chic newspaper rack – wall mounted or portable.
  8. A large bench seat by the front door is an excellent way to tidy sports equipment and kid’s shoes.
  9. Brackets and hooks in the garage can instantly de-clutter. Ladders, scooters, bikes and tools will all have a permanent home leaving space for vehicles!
  10. Howard Storage World – check this store out, you’ll find it impossible to walk out empty handed!
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