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Collectibles on Display

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Some homes just feel good the moment you walk into them. The secret is often the use of light, space and the display of personal mementos throughout each room.

Showing off your favourite photos, artwork and collectibles is best kept to a minimum when preparing to your home for sale, but if you are here to stay, why not display them in a tasteful yet clutter-free way.

Helpful Hints

· Be ruthless and start by cleaning out cupboards, bookshelves and any packed away boxes. Donate or throwaway any unwanted items.

· Review your ‘keep’ pile rigorously.

· Keep floors free of clutter when home decorating. Using vertical space keeps the eye looking upwards and the floors empty to expand space.

· Mix it up. Combining different shapes is fun and interesting, as is linking different styles and eras. A cluster of different vases for example, can instantly create such a look.

· Refresh your look every so often with a bunch of flowers or rotate pieces to maintain creative interest.

· To avoid filling your home with ‘bargains’ take something away for everything you add.

· Cleanliness is next to godliness. A lack of dusting and wiping can quickly lead to a tired and musty space so keep your keepsakes shiny and clean.

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