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The Rise of the Fire Pit

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A popular addition to any Australian backyard is the fashionable fire pit. They are currently enjoying a huge resurgence right around the world. A fire pit is the perfect way to entice the whole family out of the house – rug up, sit around the warm flames, toast marshmallows and share spooky stories under the open night sky.

Google ’fire pit’ or ‘fire bowl’ and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range and availability. From the portable camping pit to the built in permanent sandstone structure, from a couple of kilos to a couple of tonnes, there’s a selection for every family and every budget.

Top 5 pit tips:

1. Make sure the area right around your fire pit is clear of branches or foliage that could catch fire. A good rule of thumb would be to allow at least three metres of cleared space from the bowl — check with local council for advice if unsure.

2. Take wind into consideration when deciding placement and type of fire bowl. Burning embers can get blown out of the fire pit, so choose a protected area if you are going with wood as your fuel.

3. Make sure what you use is approved for this use. The wrong material could explode or shatter.

4. Most fire pits or bowls made for burning real wood come with a mesh cover. Once your fire is lit and has burned down a little, be sure to use the screen. This keeps sparks from floating out of the bowl and any flammable debris from blowing in to the bowl.

5. Try and choose a fire pit with a style and beauty that fits its surroundings.

Could this be a DIY project for next weekend at your place?

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