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Winter is the time of year when we spend the most time in their homes. It’s colder outside and we naturally stay indoors for the warmth and coziness. Before settling in to a relaxing moment in front of the fire, why not take the opportunity to attend to attend to a few annual chores before the weather warms up.

1. Clean the chimney

Before your first open fire, have a professional chimney sweep company come out and clean the chimney, especially if you have an older home where mortar between the bricks could have moved or bird’s nest may have become lodged over summer.

A fire in your chimney can destroy your entire house. Don’t rely on “cleaning logs” in place of a chimney sweep. They cannot do the same job, and they do not eliminate the risk of a chimney fire.

If you have any type of gas heater such as an ornamental log fire, you should also have it professionally checked. This is the most important cleaning job you will do all winter.

2. Clean and flip your mattresses

Twice a year (summer and winter), you should clean all of the mattresses in the house to keep dust mites under control.

Vacuum the top of the mattress, move the mattress and vacuum the box springs, then flip the mattress and vacuum the new top of the mattress.

3. Clean and sort out food in the pantry

It’s time to sort through your pantry (summer and winter), throwing away whatever has gone bad or won’t be used. This doesn’t have to be a big job. Just drag over a fairly large trash can and get started.

Pay attention to “use by” dates. If the date hasn’t passed but is coming up and you’re not going to use the item, toss it. You should throw away any cans that are dented or are missing labels.

It’s school holidays, so why not get the kids onto some of these chores and others such as cleaning their computers/laptops and doing a wardrobe cull. There’s always the motivation of selling unwanted items on eBay for a bit of extra cash!

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