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One of the greatest myths in real estate these days is that online advertising is the only form of advertising required when selling your home. The truth of the matter is that for the greatest impact and to get your property sold – online plus print advertising is still the preferred option.

Selling a house or unit successfully is definitely about generating the maximum exposure in the market and reaching real potential buyers. Online advertising is affordable and undoubtedly a fantastic way to access a high number of potential buyers and should certainly be used as part of the marketing campaign. Online advertising is rather focused though. As a buyer you enter your search criteria and up comes a list of specific properties. Beyond that limited list, you don’t always know what else is out there.

So what about buyers who aren’t sure what they’re looking for? Or buyers who don’t even know they want to buy yet? Print advertising is an excellent way of presenting the options to a buyer so they are aware of what the possibilities are. It’s sometimes referred to as a kind of window shopping.

Print advertising is more expensive than online advertising, there’s no doubt about it. However its value should not be underestimated or dismissed.

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